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How to make money in home for computer nerds

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how to make money in home for computer nerd

if you are a computer nerd you can make money of this !
yes you can if you beleive your self
A coumputer nerd is a person who can work with his computer for long houres

Step #1
you must have skil in a Graphic designer/editor software
A graphic designer/editor software is an app that you can make digital graphic images
A famos graphic editor is adobe photoshop but it is not free
if you wanna a free ghraphic software you can google "free graphic designer software" and work with that to give some skill in this
and do not be afarid , its easy you can do it , trust me !

Step #2
you must have some skills in HTML and CSS
HTML and CSS is your main tools trust me ! even you think you dont realy need to know this I promis you are a lazy !
HTML and CSS can make you very professional in this work
you can learn HTML and CSS in free website learning like

Step #3
Start Blogging about whatever you know !
if you are good at cooking ! lets start blogging about this !
take your camera or mobile and take some pictures of your food and write a little text of recipe
and you can make some vidoes and upload to and embed in your blog's post
I think best blogging service is

Step #4
you can make money of your weblog with advertising agancy like google adsense

Step #5
make another blog every day !
yes if you work only 4 houres in a single day you can post 4-8 blog post every day and if you repeat this in one year you have 1500 blog
if this blog have onley one visit in 24 houres you have 1500 peoples every day

Step #6
start from now !
open your notepad and start !